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About Us

An innate desire to give back to society unconditionally was the driving force that led to the birth of Innvolve Foundation. The idea was to utilize the collected funds entirely to the deprived target population without incurring much administrative expenses or overhead costs.

Our Story

“A Medium of Society Changes & Empower Humanity and moral Values.”

For the founding members, it was thus purely a voluntary service and the satisfaction they derived from their work was their reward. The idea was to seek and fulfil the fundamental needs of the deprived first. The organisation thus identified loopholes or strategic gaps in projects that were run either by the government or by other not for profit organisations and sought to bridge these issues.

The idea was ‘to do’ rather than to think of ‘how to do’ and ‘what to do’ in closed door sessions. Thus as problems and bottlenecks of the deprived communities came to the Foundation’s notice, attempts were made to resolve them. In this manner grew a number of projects that are running successfully today.

The founders continue to work with the belief that no effort is futile even if it brings relief and some happiness to one life, because each life is as precious as that of our very own.

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."