Section 8 Licence Number 110642
CIN No.U80904UP2018NPL099830

Aahaar is a food bank which aims at providing a healthy and balanced meal to the hungry. The objective of the project is multipurpose.


“It supplies ingredients to concept ideology oriented organisations, Civil Society Organisations to help them cook a more balanced meal for the deprived.”

Aahaar believes in mitigating the hunger of the mind by providing special meals or treats to the underprivileged on special occasions.

Aahaar becomes very active in post natural disaster scenarios to help those affected survive the wrath of the calamity.

It believes that such efforts go a long way in breaking social barriers including that of caste based exclusion that still exist in villages of India. A community meal brings changes in mindset and unites the deprived

"Humans are born everywhere Humanity is born somewhere."